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Botswana Special Fly In Package Offers

BushBreaks & More offer luxury getaway and fly-in package booking specials for SADC residents travelling to Botswana during the summer months. When embarking on a fly-in journey to the landlocked Southern African country of Botswana, a unique adventure awaits that will remain etched in your memory for years to come. Spend your days exploring the awe-inspiring landscape of the Okavango Delta, observing the lithe movements of the exquisite wildlife that dwell within its glittering stretches and experience the enchanting magic of Africa.

Along with breath-taking voyages into the spectacular delta, the fly-in packages also offer a unique opportunity for travellers to spend their nights in authentic safari camps deep within Botswana’s game reserves. The safari camps have it all: unbelievable views of the wild African landscape; wonderfully decorated rooms with all the comforts of home and extravagance of a luxury safari lodge; spa and pampering facilities for superior indulgence; and incredible opportunities to witness some of Africa’s most beautiful species in their natural habitats.

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