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Linyanti Concession

The Linyanti area is fascinating for its geography. Movements in the Earth’s crust mean that rivers can disappear and flow again independently of good rainy seasons. It is also renowned for the number of Elephants which pass through the area in the winter months and the world’s second largest Zebra migration. This is the north-eastern area of the Okavango bordering on the Chobe National Park. The Linyanti ecosystem and the Chobe ecosystem are interconnected, and provide a pathway for large numbers of wildlife between the Okavango and Chobe.The Linyanti region is dominated by the Savute Channel and the Linyanti River. The Savute Channel is a very interesting river as it may dry up for over 20 years at a time, before flowing once more. This is because the source of the river lies on a fault line in the Earth’s crust. 

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