Quotations, Bookings and Payments

No quotation issued and/or accepted, or booking made (whether provisional or final) shall be binding on BushBreaks & More unless and until a final invoice has been issued, full payment has been received as set out above, and BushBreaks & More has confirmed the necessary in writing to complete the transaction.

Upon booking, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the tour cost is immediately payable to BushBreaks & More. Final payment is due no later than four weeks prior to departure. Full payment is due immediately for all bookings made less than four weeks prior to departure. Full documentation can only be released upon receipt of final payment.

All prices quoted on the BushBreaks & More website are ‘cash discounted’. Payment is required by Electronic Funds Transfer (bank transfer or EFT).

BushBreaks & More will only accept credit card payments by Mastercard & Visa credit cards. If payment is made by credit card, a 2,5% administration fee will be applicable on the total amount due/per debit. If payment is made by an international money transfer, a R 400,00 administration fee will be levied per payment made.

Cancellation Fees:

The following fees will be charged for cancellation:

  • Upon making a reservation – 50% of the tour price
  • Four weeks prior to departure – 100% of the tour price
  • Cancellation and curtailment insurance is available through your travel agent
  • Covid-19 related cancellations will be managed on a case-by-case situation, in line with the property/lodge’s Covid-19 policy.


BushBreaks & More has over 250 lodges on the website. Please use the search functions on the website to help narrow down the properties that you are interested in. BushBreaks & More undertakes to provide a quotation with four lodge options for enquiries received. Should additional lodge options be required, a fee of R 250,00 shall be levied for the additional quotes.

Amendment and Administration Fees

Where any alteration or amendment is made to a confirmed booking, an administration fee of R 250,00 shall be levied to make the required changes to the booking. All costs, including cancellation fees incurred as a result thereof, shall be for the client’s account.

Changes to Travel Dates

BushBreaks & More’s service allows for clients to be able to change their travel dates once (assuming the property can accommodate the change). Should you need to change dates for a second time, a date change fee of R 250,00 will apply.

Rovos Rail & Thornybush Package

BushBreaks & More reserves the right to, and shall be entitled to cancel the Rovos Rail & Thornybush experience package prior to departure, in the event of not enough cabins being sold in order to fill the train. In such case, BushBreaks & More shall be obligated to refund all amounts received by it to the client/passenger, who shall have no further claim of whatsoever nature against BushBreaks & More arising out of such cancellation.


BushBreaks & More will do their utmost to honour prices quoted and published. However, where increases are as a result of currency fluctuations, airfare increases, hoteliers’ increases, taxes and other factors beyond BushBreaks & More’s control do arise, surcharges will be made to cover such increases. It is essential that the client checks that there have been no changes in price, prior to making final payment.

Any prices quoted on by BushBreaks & More shall not be binding on it unless and until a final invoice is issued, on which payment must be made.

Price Guarantee

Only the price/s reflected on a valid BushBreaks & More invoice/s shall be final and binding, unless an obvious or innocent mistake has been made, in which event BushBreaks & More shall replace the invoice in question and notify the client accordingly.

Upon receipt of final payment, further to it having issued a final invoice, BushBreaks & More will guarantee the price of land arrangements, including accommodation and road transfers (if required).  Airfares are subject to the prices and conditions quoted by the airlines and cannot be guaranteed by BushBreaks & More. Should any unavoidable price increases or additional charges be effected by the airlines, principal or third parties, BushBreaks & More shall be entitled to recover such costs from the client on invoice to this effect.

Liability of BushBreaks & More

The client/passenger accepts any and all risks associated with his or her intended excursion/travel plans to the venue in question, and whilst at such venue as a guest of the principal.

As agent  BushBreaks & More acts only as booking agent for the principals and accordingly accepts no liability for any loss or damage which any client or passenger may suffer, as a result of the failure of such principals to fulfil their obligations, whether in relation to travel arrangements, medical care, accommodation, facilities, package features or otherwise.  For damages – Neither BushBreaks & More, nor any person acting for, through or on behalf of BushBreaks & More, shall be liable for any loss, damages, accidents, delay, death or inconvenience to any person or his or her luggage or other property, howsoever caused or which may arise as a result of the negligence or any act or omission on the part of BushBreaks & More or its principals.

BushBreaks & More does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of information posted on its website, in respect of any principal’s or third party’s offering, and accepts no liability in this regard.  It is the client’s responsibility to confirm any package inclusions or restrictions as per the final documentation presented by BushBreaks & More once final payment has been made.

Responsibility of Passengers

Travel Documents and Visas

All travel documents, visas, package inclusions and exclusions and all contact details are the client’s responsibility and must be checked by the client prior to departure to ensure accuracy and validity.  It is the responsibility of the client to contact the principal in regard to collections/transfers to and from any venue, and BushBreaks & More will not be liable for any delays, late pick up or drop off.  The client shall be responsible for all costs, should visas or travel documentation not be accepted. Travel documentation includes: passports, vouchers and airline tickets.

Insurance and Health Requirements

The client warrants that he/she will take out adequate medical and travel insurance for his/her travel arranged through BushBreaks & More and will receive all vaccinations and inoculations as may be required.

Amendments by the Client

No waivers, indulgence or amendment hereto shall be binding on BushBreaks & More, unless reduced to writing and signed on behalf of BushBreaks & More by one of its authorised members.

The clients’ tickets in use by the airline, or by other carriers concerned when issued, shall constitute the sole contract between the airline and the purchaser of such tickets and/or passengers. Where independent charter companies are contracted, they shall be solely responsible for all flying safety and insurance requirements.

Unscheduled Extensions/Breakaways

All expenses (hotel accommodation, cancellation fees etc.) in relation to unscheduled extensions caused by flight delays, bad weather, strikes or any other cause which is beyond the control of BushBreaks & More, will be for the client’s account.  Extra expenses incurred as a result of a breakaway shall be for the client’s account, and unused services will not be refunded.


The client consents to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court where any legal dispute arises, notwithstanding that the amount in issue may exceed the limits of such jurisdiction.  BushBreaks & More shall be entitled to proceed to the High Court for any urgent or other relief as it may deem necessary.



The safety of our clients is of paramount importance. The Tourism Industry has put together strict health and safety protocols for all hotels and lodges to implement for the safety of their staff and guests. This process has been coordinated by TBCSA (The Tourism Business Council of South Africa).

For local clients living in South Africa, we would like to request that you help preserve the Tourism Industry by postponing any booking affected by the pandemic. In the event that a postponement is absolutely impossible, we would have to contact the property on your behalf to enquire what the respective terms and conditions are applicable to your booking. Where a property is able to offer a refund on your booking, BushBreaks & More will do our best to assist you with this refund process.

BushBreaks & More acts as a booking agent for the principals and accordingly accepts no liability for any loss, illness, inconvenience, death or damage to any person caused, which may arise as a result of staying at a lodge, property or other service booked on your behalf by BushBreaks & More. BushBreaks & More accepts no responsibility for any Covid-19 related losses, damages, illnesses or deaths.

Cancellation Fees

BushBreaks & More’s service is utilised at the time of making a booking and during the booking process. BushBreaks & More’s intellectual property is used when providing our clients access to a detailed, user-friendly website, including our specially negotiated discounted rates. BushBreaks & More provides suggestions, and advice on the most suitable options for your needs and requirements. In addition, BushBreaks & More manages availability with the property on your behalf, the booking process in-between and the necessary finance process to secure your booking. This personalised service takes time and resources for which BushBreaks & More has a small service fee.

Given that these services have already been utilised, BushBreaks & More will apply a 10% processing fee for cancelled bookings.

Cancellations for the Rovos Rail & Thornybush Package:

The next Rovos Rail & Thornybush Package is scheduled for departure in June 2022. In the event of a guest not being able to travel due to Covid-19, they will need to provide proof of having a positive Covid-19 result in the relevant time period.

BushBreaks & More would however make exceptions for anyone who contracted Covid-19. In such a situation BushBreaks & More would need to negotiate any refunds on a case-by-case situation with the suppliers concerned; airlines, Rovos Rail and the lodge concerned.


When requesting a quotation from BushBreaks & More, you give your consent for your email address, and your travel partners email address/es, to be added to the BushBreaks & More database to receive our specials mailers.

BushBreaks & More is committed to managing and protecting your information in accordance with the POPI Act and will only use your email address for this purpose. Personal details will only be used for the booking process in line with all POPI requirements.