Southern Africa


Zambia is a country blessed with sensational natural wonders, a plethora of wildlife, enormous bodies of glistening water and seemingly infinite open spaces. Zambia is a friendly country that is known for its legendary African walking safaris, the untamed Zambezi River, the gushing Victoria Falls and incredible opportunities to explore Africa in all its glory and embark on some of the greatest Safari experiences on the planet.

Game reserves in Zambia offer the chance to lose yourself in the wild African bushveld without having to compromise on luxury. Game lodges nestled deep within sprawling game reserves afford guests the opportunity to witness sheer unspoilt beauty in a land that remains untouched by modern life. Whether you prefer spending your holiday indulging in some rest and relaxation at a 4-star spa, seeking refuge in gracious lodges overlooking the rippling Zambezi River or observing herds of game in their natural habitat, the country of Zambia can fulfil any African dream and desire.

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