The Amakhosi Private Game Reserve boasts 6000 hectares of unsurpassed scenic resplendence amongst the exuberant foliage of Northern KwaZulu-Natal. A varied ecosystem of flourishing savannah, riverine forest, rugged mountains and succulent wetlands offer a distinct diversity and ideal conditions in which the “Big Five” and other animals can live and thrive.

Like many other regions in South Africa, the northern part of KwaZulu-Natal in which the Amakhosi Private Game Reserve lies, possesses a fascinating history. The area was once occupied by the Zulu Kingdom monarchy that extended along the coast of the Indian Ocean, from the Tugela River in the South to the Pongola River in the north.

What makes the Amakhosi Private Game Reserve so sublime is the spectacular landscape in which it is enveloped. The rippling Mkuze River hugs the edges of the reserve, whilst burgeoning grasslands stretch to the south, mountains ensconced in thick foliage span across the west and umbrella thorn trees occupy the north. All the while, wild game roam free, creating the untouched African paradise known to draw in explorers, nature lovers and adventure seekers from far and wide.

While the area is best known for its wild game, a number of smaller yet equally fascinating creatures can be found within the lush biomes. No less than 400 bird species inhabit the trees and skies, while an enchanting variety of frogs dwell within the wetlands. Unsurprisingly, the reserve is considered an ideal destination for avid bird watchers and animal enthusiasts.

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