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Tiger Canyon Private Game Reserve

The Tiger Canyon Private Game Reserve sits on 6100ha of prime Karoo landscape near the District of Philippolis within the Free State Province of South Africa. with various separate territories for their wild tigers and cheetahs to thrive in and survive.

The family of Tigers are living wild and free at Tiger Canyon Private Game Reserve. They establish their own territories, are free to hunt their prey and create their own family groups. These tigers are proudly in Africa as part of an ex-situ project; to save a species outside its normal home range. At Tiger Canyon, tigers thrive!

Due to the encroachment of sheep farming, there have been no free-roaming cheetahs in the Free State since the early 1900s. The cheetahs on the reserve are the first to return to their indigenous habitat in over 100 years.  Tiger Canyon Private Game Reserve is a member of the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Metapopulation Project, whereby the cheetah offspring are relocated to other reserves within the Metapopulation in a bid to help increase the cheetah numbers and keep the genetics clean. The cheetah are very habituated, allowing guests to experience this beautiful cat up close.

Tiger Canyon boasts a uniquely diverse range of wildlife including; aardwolf, aardvarks, serval, caracal, bat-eared fox, cape fox, grey mongoose, springbok and wild horses, among others. Whilst the Karoo may appear flat, you’ll be surprised at the depth of the biodiversity, which supports an amazing array of small to large creatures, including – to name a few – zebra, blue wildebeest, warthogs, baboons, ground squirrels, jackals and antelope aplenty.

Once you have visited Tiger Canyon, you’ll know why it is unique and special. Besides the obvious Tiger which sets them apart, there are antelope that are typically not seen in the game reserves of other provinces in South Africa.

The solar powered lodge on the canyon, the vehicles, the vistas, the surreal spirituality, the stars, guides, fences, night drives, the golden hour for photography, the personal touch – all go together to make Tiger Canyon distinctly different… definitely not average!

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Tiger Canyon Private Game Reserve
Free State, Tiger Canyon Private Game Reserve

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