How to become a travel blogger – Travel bogger Tips

If your life revolves around creative writing and travel, becoming a travel blogger may be just what you’re looking for. It’s not hard to build an online following, but it does take time. Take note of the following tips and you may just find yourself blogging with the best of them.

Discover new travel blogs
Scan the internet for travel blogs and find out which ones peak your interest. By diversifying your search and opening your eyes to new blogging trends, you can list elements you enjoy and jot down inspirations for your own blog. Look at followers and comments and try to identify what makes a blog successful and, importantly, what makes a blog unsuccessful.

Select a travel topic
It’s easier to find a band of loyal followers if you fit into a niche. Whether you decide to become a safari blogger or focus on oddball destinations, finding a topic you’re passionate about will inspire ideas and give you more focus as you sit down to write.

Choose a suitable blogging platform
The most commonly used hosted sites are WordPress, Blogger, BlogSpot and Typepad. You may also choose a self-hosted site that may incur extra start-up costs. Choose a theme that highlights that your blog is a travel blog and choose add-on applications that can connect your blog to other social platforms.

Write posts on a weekly basis
Draw up a posting schedule and stay consistent with your posting. Stay connected with your followers as long breaks between posts may lead to disinterest or discouragement. When travelling, take a journal along to jot down all the juicy details – food, weather, strange hats worn by tourists – be free and funny.

It’s a blog, not a rant
Even if you had the worst holiday possible, try not to write in a negative tone. It will put readers off and may hamper your reputation as a travel blogger. Rather, find the humour in the bad situation and be a good spirit.

Pictures are important
Nothing attracts the eye quite like a vibrant picture of the watering hole you visited or a beautiful shot of the room you stayed in.

Live the blog
Travel where and whenever you can. For inspiration, peruse the BushBreaks for a selection of Africa’s finest game reserves, safari destinations and African travel packages.

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